best airlines awards nepal 2022 | first time in nepal


"WE" are a dynamic organization that is involved in various activities related to tourism development and promotion. Our primary activity is organizing the Best Airlines Awards Nepal, which recognizes and honors the top airlines operating in Nepal. This event helps to promote the highest standards of service quality and customer satisfaction in the aviation industry in Nepal.

In addition to organizing events, we coordinate with various organizations to promote tourism in Nepal. Our team works closely with local businesses, travel agencies, and other stakeholders to create opportunities for tourism development and to showcase the unique attractions of Nepal.

We also work with various governments to foster cultural exchange and tourism development. Our team has built strong partnerships with government officials and tourism boards to create policies and programs that promote sustainable tourism practices and provide a positive impact on local communities.

Furthermore, we publish YATRA Magazine, which provides valuable insights into the travel, tourism, and hospitality industry. Our magazine covers a wide range of topics, including destination reviews, industry news, and travel tips, making it a valuable resource for travelers and industry professionals alike.

Finally, our aim is to create a global organization for tourism development called the BAAN Council. This organization will focus on promoting sustainable tourism practices and creating opportunities for tourism development around the world. Our team is dedicated to bringing together industry experts and stakeholders to collaborate on projects and create a positive impact on the tourism industry globally.